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History of National Sewing Month

Read the History of National Sewing Month

2011 - Sew for the LOVE of it!

Sew for the Love of it! is the theme of the 2011 celebration. Riding a growing wave of interest that started with tv show inspirations and traveled through the reuse, remake and restyle period of the economic downturn, the 2011 theme shows that enthusiasts have gone beyond sewing as a hobby and have made it a part of their lifestyle. They sew for practicality, to express their creativity, to make money and to simply relax. Sewing rooms and creative spaces frequently replace living rooms and dining rooms in many homes as sewing takes center stage in daily activities. Home offices have even taken on a new importance with computers serving as a connection to a world of designs, online shopping, sewing classes and virtual sewing friends. Brick and mortar stores report increases in students flocking to classes and looking to experiment with different fabrics, tools and techniques. Sewers have developed a new confidence that comes from the heart. They sew simply for the love of it!

2010 - SewaNew

SewaNew, the theme for September is National Sewing Month 2010 encouraged enthusiasts of all ages to enhance their personal style through fabric and machine. We knew that sewing had come full circle and had become the hottest “new” hobby. Teens and young adults were filling learn-to-sew classes then using their new-found creative skills to restyle their wardrobes and make one of a kind skirts, tops and dresses to show off to their friends. Those crowds that were returning to sewing were finding fresh new fabric choices, including eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, as well as patterns that were easier to use and tech-savvy machines that had set-it-and-forget-it embroidery functions. While saving money was often the catalyst to get started — especially with the economic problems of the time — it was the creative satisfaction that kept them coming back.

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2009 Reuse, Remaky,
Restyle Contest

2009 - Reuse, Remake, Restyle

The new mantra for 2009 aims to encourage sewers to innovate while they recreate. Sewers are challenged to Reuse, Remake, Restyle their favorite fads into timeless garments, home décor items or even a trendy new bag. Antique linens are becoming children’s dresses and unadorned jean jackets are becoming wearable works of art with the addition of ribbons, feathers, trims and free-motion embroidery. Even Tyvek dog food bags are enjoying new lives as reusable tote bags!

Sewing is not only fun, it’s a great way to save money. Hemming skirts, appliquéing over stains, replacing buttons and repairing tears are much easier on the budget than buying something new. And the feeling of creating – or recreating – is addictive and the results can often be dramatic with just a few hours spent with needle and thread.

2008 -

Go Green!
Sew Green!

Go Green! Sew Green!

We see our environment differently now and recognize that we can make a difference without sacrificing comfort or style. New advances in “green” technology and processes mean you can now Sew Green! with beautiful, organically grown fabrics that are good for you and safe for the environment. Sewing Green doesn’t require that you toss your fabric stash though. You can still Sew Green! by choosing sewing notions that are eco-friendly and by using compact fluorescent bulbs in your sewing room.

Another great choice is something we’ve all done for years - re-use, re-make and re-style! Who hasn’t turned a fabric scrap into a contrasting pocket or appliqué? How about snipping buttons from a hopelessly stained jacket and re-using them on a new suit? Consider donations and recycling before relegating old clothes to the landfill. Even polyester and Polartec can find a new life.







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