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2013 National Sewing Month Sew for the SKILL of it! contest

Contest Details

Whether your sewing skills are those of a new sewing enthusiast or you are a seasoned seamstress, this year’s contest challenges you to use your skills just a bit differently. What you create must have dual purposes, or be able to be used two ways. Need an example? Consider a scarf that can double as a table runner; jewelry that can hang on your Christmas tree; or a tote bag that becomes a jacket. There are no categories, no limitations – use your skills to be creative! Winners will be chosen at random.


Contest Rules

  • Contest runs from September 1 - September 30, 2013 at midnight
  • The item you enter must be hand-crafted and utilize fabric, thread and sewing machine
  • Entries may be multi-piece, as long as they are coordinated and are intended to be used together
  • The item you enter must have been created in 2013
  • Maximum two photographs per entry. Photos must be in jpg or png format and must be large enough for viewing. Preferred image size is between 700 pixels - 1,500 pixels wide.
    Please name your photo with your last name then first name, then something to identify the view, using an underscore _ or dash -  in between.
    For example, SMITH_MARY_front.jpg or SMITH_MARY_detail.jpg

  • Project submission must include a description of materials and techniques (machine sewing, embroidery, etc)  used to create the project.
  • Submissions must be made online at by midnight (Eastern) on September 30, 2013. One entry per person.
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • We’re sorry, but due to international contest restrictions, contest is open to US residents only


Entries will be accepted starting September 1, 2013

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Share the details about your project.

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Sewing Description of the Project

You must include a description of materials and techniques used to create the project.

By submitting your information and photos, you are granting permission to show your photos online and to publish your name and project information with the photos. No other identifying information will be published and your contact information will not be distributed  to any other party without permission

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